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I’ve always loved animated movies and shows. Disney has my attention as much now as when I was a kid.

I’ll never forget dragging my husband to an animated movie (not Disney, pretty sure it was Despicable Me) when I was already a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps. I loved it. He loved. Booyah! Another fan!

Favorite Despicable Me quote 😂

My kids watch more TV than I had planned. I’m starting to embrace it more and resent it less though. I have the kids summarize storylines, pick main characters, role play with each other. They can learn from TV if I engage them. Still not my number one choice for the kids on a nice day, but sometimes it’s all I am capable of. Turning on the TV, snuggling the kids, and zoning out for a bit.

I do need to make a plug for Bluey on Disney+. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it—for you and the kiddos. Full disclosure I willingly watch this show when the kids aren’t even with me. Bluey is hilarious, educational, and highlights some pretty awesome realistic family dynamics. I frikkin love the show. And each episode is only 6 minutes…we actually tell time in “Blueys” at home with my time-illiterate children.


Go watch some Bluey!!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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  1. Aren’t all children “time illiterate?” And them you get older …. like their retired grandmaleen. LOL

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