Day One in the Ivy League

Today was my official first day as a Cornell student! Going to an Ivy League university for graduate school as a 33 year old is considerably different than my venture to the tiny Christian Brothers University for undergrad as a measly 16 year old.

My 1st day back to school picture, with notes
  1. Dog actually ate my shoes for the day so had to change to my backup shoes
  2. Couldn’t decide what to wear until I was nearly walking out of the house cause my shirt couldn’t clash with my backup shoes
  3. Forgot my headphones
  4. 5 feet to the right I set my sweater and book down on a yellow jacket nest
  5. Totally have some Lactaid in these pockets, just in case
  6. My elbow hurts so I smell like a grandparent wearing icy-hot
  7. Still have a splash of toenail polish the kids put on me months ago
  8. I am wearing makeup (OMG)
  9. It was a heat index of 99+ today so skinny jeans were a bad choice

The kids and hubs gave me a nice send off this morning. I am excited to get this chapter rolling. I spent most of this afternoon exploring spaces on campus to hang out–libraries, the “cocktail lounge” (which is really just a Google-ish study space), the rec center, a new-to-me coffee shop. The family gets to come join me this evening for a bell tower chime concert and some refreshments. The real stuff starts later this week!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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