Using Our Land Part II

I have been ready to end my writing hiatus for a while, but the seriousness of the post ideas in my head were a bit overwhelming. I think I’m ready to tackle them over the next few weeks, so I am back and happy to be blogging again!

I’ll keep this post light.

One of my posts back in April showed some of the progress I’ve made on the house and land since moving in our place in Upstate NY early winter 2021. I ended the post with a list of “tasks” I wanted to get done at some point in the next few years. I can say we’ve jumped right in…

Chickens, turkeys, Guinea fowl, garden, wildflowers—lots of progress on all things listed. I even started foraging in the “yard” part of our land so I can have a store of food for the chickens over winter. We also got a cat and Oki is already gigantic (65lbs at 7 months)! I’ll talk much more about our birds and my foraging adventures in the coming weeks. The kids are really starting to enjoy our animals and the land—I think we made a great decision choosing this area to put down some roots.

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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