Got the ‘Rona

Over two years into the pandemic and we got our first positive case in the house.

It’s me 😩

I spent all day laying on the couch with feverish G yesterday and I was feeling a bit rough this morning. Just thought it was allergies for me so tested us both just in case…of course I popped positive and G is negative.

Pretty sure she has it though, just might not have a super high viral load.

Time for some quarantine-tea(coffee) and chill!

Literally the worst week for this to happen. Chris’ brother and brother’s girlfriend were supposed to come this weekend. Emma was soooo excited about their visit.


I was supposed to fly to Louisiana Monday to hang out with family and help with some home projects.


We have co-op Monday, including two classes I am supposed to teach.

Can’t go

It’s Easter weekend, which meant church and Easter egg hunts.

Can’t go

Just hoping I am negative at the five day mark and can still go to Cornell’s MBA mixer/intro thingy at the end of next week.

Ugh. This is lame.

I just stopped wearing a mask everywhere and letting the girls be much more lax about mask wearing early this month. We were seriously the only family in a handful of regular situations that still masked. It took 10 days of backing off masks a bit for us to get sick. Good lord 🤦‍♀️

Thankful we have lots of land and I have plenty to do outside. Going to try to focus on the old-school Spanish Flu medicine—fresh air and sunlight. Just need it to stop raining and for me to be un-tired.

We’re all vaccinated (G only partially since she just turned 5) so we’re not super concerned, just don’t want to get anyone else sick at this point. 😷 😷 😷 😷

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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