Using Our Land Part I

When we bought our home and 33+ acres last fall I had a bazillion ideas and anticipated having them all done super quick. I’ve realized how unrealistic that is. Moving to upstate NY in November meant nearly everything outside couldn’t be touched until April/May (essentially right now). Honestly, many of the projects won’t be actualized this year, or next year, but likely 5+ years from now because of time, money, etc..

Five years!! I’ve never been able to even pretend to plan out that far!

I have been able to work on a few things in between homeschool, co-op, and the kids’ activities.

I am 80% complete with the back room that I started working on in October. I haven’t touched it since November, but a transition piece, some toe molds, and some baseboards and it’s finished.

The “after” picture. It was a 70’s-style carpeted bedroom with a yellow and blue theme.

The first garden, Plant Nation Phase I, is getting close to being ready for planting once the danger of frost ends mid-May. I’ve even started some beans, potatoes, and onions in the sunroom!

Plant Nation Phase I! I’ve actually done a little more, but it snowed the day after this picture and I got a bit frustrated with pictures. I’m hoping to get a deer fence up this week—wish me luck!

Got some shelves up in the sunroom to make it more Oki friendly and more useful as a greenhouse. Also, we’re getting a kitten, so made a place he can sleep and Graycie can’t get to him.

The basement is useable and kid-friendly in the winter. I haven’t done much but get boxes out since November—this was a life saver this winter when kids came over!

The kids have started exploring the yard! I won’t lie, it took everything in me to not stop them from crossing the creek without me, but they did great!

Only have a few things left, in no order:

  • Bridge over creek
  • Finish garden and deer fence
  • Get 2 acre flat yard fenced
  • Clean chicken coop
  • Get chickens, Guinea fowl, and turkeys
  • Finish back school room
  • Add fireplace in house
  • Clear some area at the top of our mountain
  • Build a tiny home at the top of the mountain
  • Build a cabin on our flat land area for family
  • Finish the basement
  • Get 0.5-1 acre of “yard” turned into wildflower field

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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