Why Not Say “Yes?”

So often I tell my kids no and later realize there was really no reason for that response.

Sometimes you just need to say “yes,” if only to get yourself out of the “no” mindset.

Can I tattoo my stomach?

Can we paint your toe nails?

Can we watch TV?

Can I wear my pants backwards?

Can I eat the noodles out of the pot?

Can we sleep in your bed?

Can I snuggle in your shirt?

Can we do an experiment?

Can we have hot chocolate?

Can I shave your head?

Then the most important questions to the kids…

Can I help you?

Can you help me?

Will you play with me?

YES!! We can’t always say yes, but chances are we should say it more than we do. Try it!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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