Homeschool Trip #2: Philly

We are 2/2 on homeschool trips accompanied by winter storms. That has not helped my attempts at turning the kids into travel seekers.

The trip to Philly was fun (minus the kids fussing about the cold). We were able to get in family time, museums, historical sites, and food. The Franklin Institute on our first day was my favorite by-far, and I think Emma’s favorite too!

We weren’t as tied into the historical sites here as we were in Boston, but Emma still enjoyed discussing and hearing about some of the key players in American history that she is familiar with. We also had an awesome mom moment…Gracie was shown a picture of George Washington and asked if she knew who it was. Not only did she get the name right, but she also added “he was the first president!” Really drives home that she IS listening, and just reading and talking about things around her is great preschool learning.

We spent some time with my brother-in-law, who has been in Philly for 20 years and was a great guide for us. The kids absolutely adore him and his girlfriend!

We were able to stop by my aunts house in NJ when we left Philly. The last time we were there was just a few days before we left the States for Okinawa in November 2017. Look at the difference!

2017 to 2022

Final thought. I am an anti-fan of NJ.

  • You can’t buy alcohol in most grocery stores
  • They have CASH toll roads
  • The “no left turn” jug handles are dumb
  • Why can’t I pump my own gas?
  • Camden, NJ…which I should be able to just leave solo, but add to it we got stuck in an infinite detour of road closures for an hour, where one detour sign led us to another road closure and we just did circles 🤦‍♀️
  • The fist pump

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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7 thoughts on “Homeschool Trip #2: Philly

      1. I was in 01-14. I live an hour west of Philly and we used to home school so your post caught my attention.
        If you have some stories to tell that you’d like added to my veteran centric blog,, I’d be happy to include some. Also, if you have any suggestions, I’m always open to improvement!

      2. Awesome! I’ll take a look and let you know.
        I was in 2009-2021. Was hoping to do 20 but PTSD (non-combat) caught up with me and I ended up medically retired this past December. Can’t complain though; I miss Marines but I am enjoying the time with my family.

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