Homeschool Trip #1: Boston

We’ve traveled a handful of times this school year, though much less than I hoped because of COVID. This past weekend was our first trip made with the primary purpose of reinforcing our homeschool lessons.

Emma is a voracious reader. That has made most subject we’ve discussed—whether her choosing or mine—pretty simple because I can give her a book and she just ingests it. Pretty awesome for an eight year old. So two weeks ago I realized we had a break in our Friday commitment so it was a perfect time to go on a short trip. I’ve never been to Boston, and Emma has been enjoying reading about the Revolutionary War, so that made it an easy choice!

To Boston we went!

The trip didn’t go exactly as planned—a late start Thursday, a winter storm Friday, and extra cranky kids changed things up—but we made it work.

  • The Science Museum of Boston is HUGE and also free with the Ithaca ScienceCenter Membership, which saved us like $75
  • I paid $130 to park for two nights
  • Off-season lobster rolls are $40…so I had a lobster tail (the bakery kind made from puff pastry and cream that costs $4)
  • I HATE the Boston accent, but thankfully I heard very little of it
  • Highly recommend the Old Town Trolly Tour; we saw a lot and learned a lot
  • If you tell your kids you’re taking a shower and put on a movie for them you can sneak in an ice cream sandwich in the hotel without whining kids…
  • The historical sites are all over in Boston; definitely a great place to review key points about the Revolutionary War, even with a 2nd grader
  • We listened to the audiobook “Guts and Glory: The American Revolution” on the way to Boston and it did a great job explaining the Revolutionary War and key players in the American Revolution (I actually learned a lot)

Boston was one of the more expensive trips we’ve taken in a while. I could have cut the cost if we would have brought more food with us or booked a hotel/house a lot earlier, but we didn’t skimp on food or historical attractions and I booked the hotel just a few days before the trip, so can’t complain too much. Also, I would have cut my parking in half if we wouldn’t have arrived during rush hour, but I couldn’t subject myself to 20 more minutes in the car with my cranky kids just to go four blocks to the off-site parking. Some things are worth paying for…

Excited to go back during the warmer months!

What are your favorite historical sites in the USA?

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Trip #1: Boston

  1. Boston is a wonderful place to visit to learn more about the history of the American Revolution. I’ve visited a few times over the years. It can be an expensive city to visit, but agreed, some things are worth paying for.

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