My Favorite Space is Green

I put a lot of thought into organizing our new place. It is a no brainer that our sunroom is my favorite space in the house.

It seems the more sparkly lights and green plants, the better a room makes me feel. Even if it is not insulated AT ALL and stays FREEZING during the winter. The electric fireplace is a nice, warm touch.

I keep buying and collecting all the plants. I am still no good at keeping said plants alive, but they sure do look good at first! I’ve even been considering selling homemade flower pots and succulents at the local farmers market. Amazon has some great inspiration at Think Green—the flower pots are beautiful and give me hope that (maybe) I can make something similar one day.

My new mug goes great with my piano plants 🪴

One of my favorite spaces in Ithaca is The Botanist coffee shop. Beautiful green space! Hopefully one day we can sit in there and adult with their delicious coffee ☕️

(Amazon affiliate link above)

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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