(Re)Tired Ramblings #1

It’s been almost two months since my official retirement date and I finally started on my retirement checklist, per my post Tattoos, Baldness, and PJ Pants. Decided to modify the “baldness” a little bit and went with super short vice baby-butt bald. I like it!

I also submitted my tattoo idea to a local tattoo shop. I draw about as good as a chicken, so the email had a whole bunch of descriptive text about my vision and symbology. Hopefully they get back with me soon so I can get this rolling. The longer I wait to get my first tattoo, the more ideas I come up with for subsequent tattoos (which Chris is not fond of).

Pine trees, constellations, and neurotransmitters

Still haven’t galavanted through Walmart in my pajama pants, though I have started wearing yoga pants and hoodies everywhere. I have this lingering anxiety that a creeping Sergeant Major is going to pop out from the shadows to knife-hand me into “proper civilian attire” submission—especially after seeing an ass-ton of people in Marine Corps garb in Ithaca today.

…for those of you without a military background, “ass-ton” is a naval unit of measurement…

Making progress. I’m going to need another list soon!!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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