Mom, when you Die…

I spent some time thinking my youngest was a super morbid kid. As she’s gotten older I’ve realized she is just super curious and occasionally fixates on specific topics. Death just happens to be one of those topics.

Graycie spinning plates. Good representation of daily life with her…circus 24/7.

She’s an opportunist though, so the conversations usually go something like this.

“Mom, when you die I’m going to have your car.”

“When grandma dies I’m going to have her cat.”

“When daddy dies I’m going to have his boots.”

Graycie (4yo)

She doesn’t ask you, she just tells you. Like she knows it doesn’t really matter what you say anyways, cause you’ll be dead 😬

“Mom, when you die I’m going to bring a rose to your stone.”

Graycie (4yo)
Arlington 1/2021

That one made me smile. Nothing like a dose of mortality with some sweetness to make it go down smoother.

Kids say the darnedest things.

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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  1. Kids are honest and point blank. They kind of blurt out things without thought which can turn out funny and adorable. I’m sure at their age we may have said something to our parents but was never recorded or written for us to remember. Great post.

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