Oki the Pup

We got a puppy! I’ve promised Emma we could get a dog since she could talk, but we had to wait until we settled somewhere.

Full disclosure, I am not an animal person. I’ve never wanted a pet. I’ve never been super fond of other people’s pets. That is, until I met my sister’s dog, Ginny, last spring.

Guess what? Dogs that are well trained are AWESOME!! Hanging out with Ginny finally made me realize I could totally be a dog mom.

When we slapped the table on getting a dog I was pretty set on an older shelter dog. Kinda “ease” into dog ownership.

We threw that idea out the window and went with a full-bred lab puppy, cause why not 😂 🤷‍♀️ Well, actually because Chris decided he wanted a hunting dog—but I’ve decided I’m going to train her to be an ESA, if not a full service dog. She’s going to Cornell with me at least for a bit so I can get used to being without the kids 24/7 again. Gonna have me an Ivy League dog-o 🐈‍⬛📚

Pouncing practice

The breeders are a super nice older couple about an hour away. They’ve had hundreds and hundreds of puppies and they are pretty sure Oki is one of, if not THE, biggest puppy that’s ever left their place. She’s a big ole puppy!! Coincidentally, one of the meanings of “Oki” in Japanese is “big,” so that works out 😂 💪

8 weeks and 1 day and HUGE!!

We made her an indoor wood kennel out of scrap that seems to be well-suited for a play space and she sleeps in a kennel right beside my bed (her farts are TERRIBLE BTW). I am absolutely in love with our Oki! She’s going to be so much fun to train and watch grow ❤️

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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  1. I’m so glad you guys have Oki now. She will be a wonderful pal and support for you.
    Love you, dear daughter!

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