Medical Retirement Confirmed

FINALLY got my ratings back from the medical board—I will indeed be medically retired. Amazingly, they rated me higher than I was expecting, which means I’ll be making significantly more money monthly which is huge because we had estimated our family income dropping 60%, but it’ll only drop 40% (at least for the next few years). That will help us adjust to our new life as rural civilian home owners.

I’ll require a re-evaluation or two in the next few years to check on the “stability” of my PTSD and anxiety, but I am not too worried about those. I figure I’ll probably end up being dropped a bit but not having my retirement pulled (temporary retirement—TDRL—is an interesting beast, as are the VA rating math, and the MEB/PEB process if you are ever curious). Being with my kids helps me a lot; going to be hard to work and maintain time with them though. We’ll see how going back to school next year impacts stuff. And G going to school. And the move. And not being a Marine. And getting new doctors. And meeting new people. And trying not to be overwhelmed with life 😬

The last 17 months have been rough. Hell, the last 13 years have been rough. I am proud of myself for finally addressing my issues and hope I can help a few others gather the courage to do the same.

Now we just wait on a date and orders so we can schedule our final military move!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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3 thoughts on “Medical Retirement Confirmed

  1. Reading your post, I see many parts of myself. People don’t realize many are living day by day at work and life traumatized by the past and the same repetitive scary, anxiety provoking triggers. It’s my dream to retire early so I can focus on myself that I could hardly recognize when at work dealing with the same abuse and trauma caused by people and management. I took a 2 week off the reset a d hopefully survive another year or two. Wishing you all the best blessings , peace and happiness.

    1. So glad you were able to take some time for yourself. It is so important! I hope you are able to practice self-care while not on vacation also. Thank you for reading. Best of luck!

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