Words I Loathe #1: Deserve

Everyone has a few words they can’t stand.

“Moist” and “panties” rank high on my list. Ew. Thankfully my oldest knows this, so she uses them often. Yippee.

One keeps coming up that bothers me a ton. It’s not the sound of the word, like the two above, but the meaning or perceived meaning.


“I deserve this.”

“But you deserve it!”

“Everyone deserves…”

“Deserve-do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment).”

Oxford Dictionary

Maybe it’s a mix of my semi-strict upbringing, Bible-based teachings, and military time, but any sentence with “deserve” in it crushes a piece of my soul.

Who is to say you or I deserve anything?

Everyone has a right to basics—food, clothes, shelter, equality, health, safety. But replacing right with deserve completely changes this sentence. It makes it a measurement of comparison with others. A measure of worthiness. So often I hear people talk about rights as if they are something you have to deserve. Seriously—WTF?

Are there times when it is used appropriately? Sure, but pretty rarely.

That’s my rant.

Any words that make your skin crawl?

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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4 thoughts on “Words I Loathe #1: Deserve

  1. This word doesn’t make me crawl, but it’s bandied about so often that it’s lost it’s true meaning.
    Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and I spent all morning weeping while watching the ceremonies. Firefighters who ran into the building when everyone else was running out? Heroes. The group that rushed the cockpit and downed the hijacked plane in a Pennsylvania field? Heroes. Don’t cheapen the word. People died for it.

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