I am a Homeowner!!

That house I talked about in Playing Adult outside of Ithaca, NY…it’s ours as of yesterday 😃

I am so excited! So many ideas and plans, and there is so much room inside and outside!

So much room for activities!!

I’ve lived in 21ish houses, one ship, and multiple long-term hotels over my 32 years (I get a different count every time 🤷‍♀️). This is the first one that I will own and be able to make decisions for/with/about.

The house needs a little more work than I thought, so I’ll head that way a few times between now and whenever we move (whenever the hell that is) to do some cleaning and painting. Was hoping to just jump right in to finish the basement and build up some outside garden prep, but that all might have to wait. I did get a guy in to do a quote on finishing the basement about two hours after we closed 😂 Let’s just say I think about finishing that basement so often it’s essentially taken over my dreams…which I am perfectly fine with.

The kids met the neighbors and hit it off immediately. With 30+ acres in essentially the middle of nowhere, we were very nervous about not having kids nearby. That fear has been squashed.

Also…the house came with a bazillion TVs, ranging from 86” and smaller. So if anyone in either northern VA or upstate NY wants to buy a TV, let me know 😂

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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