Balloons, Poop, and Chopsticks

I’ve mentioned in a few posts that my youngest, G, is a four-year-old wild-child. She’s intense.

Kid still licks windows and floors. Also chews on sticks and leaves while asking me how airplanes fly and why plants grow big.

My guess is as good as yours.

She’s smart, determined, but defiant to the max. It’s fun and difficult as a parent.

Friday was an incident that ranks high on my defiant-weird scale.

Hint: It involves the three items in the title.

So Friday when I answered the “MOM!! I POOPED” bat call, I noticed something weird in the commode.

#poop #coffeewithasideofcowbell
She poops in EVERY toilet.

Yep. Apparently G decided to have a delicious snack of red balloon on Thursday. I was wondering where it went after I set it down to do a craft with Emma. It vanished. I thought nothing of it.

Don’t eat that!!!

That is until I dug it out of her poo 🤦‍♀️

I miss this show…

I love kids ❤️

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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