Onward to Therapy! Again!

I finished up my regular therapy sessions in early June. CPT is rough for anyone, but add to it that my therapist and I didn’t really jive, and you can guess that it was a very long and painful six months, with sessions ranging from once every two weeks to twice a week.

Since then I’ve continued with monthly medication management with a licensed psychiatrist and auricular acupuncture with the clinic’s lead psychiatrist. And no, it’s not giant needles sticking out of my face…just tiny pins that stay in my ear for about a week. (I’m a huge fan of acupuncture and encourage anyone with PTSD, depression, or chronic pain to check it out)

😂 what people think when I mention acupuncture

The doc who does my acupuncture is pretty awesome—in fact, she’s the only reason I drive to a base a bit away for my mental health appointments. A good friend of mine (a doctor) recommended her as a primary psych doc. Her schedule didn’t allow it at the time, but I can say that she’s done more positive through our discussions during our short acupuncture appointments than my therapist did in our bazillion hour-long sessions.

We finally slapped the table on starting another round of therapy next month. Five sessions over five weeks of written exposure therapy.

😩 ugh

Thankful the lead doc is available to do it with me because I’m not sure I would have agreed to start therapy again with anyone else. I know it’s time to get back into it. The break was nice, but trauma has a way of creeping back in…and it’s been doing that with a vengeance the last few weeks.

My puzzle therapy lasted for a bit 😂 now it’s time to supplement it.

#coffeewithasideofcowbell #puzzletherapy
I do puzzles…

For anyone on or starting the journey of improving or treating your mental health—I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding that you are your best advocate and your decisions and feeling matter. Don’t like your therapist, request a change. Medication doesn’t seem right, request a change. Therapy type isn’t meeting your needs, request a change. DON’T TAKE “NO” FOR AN ANSWER!

You are the boss!!

Don’t be afraid of “hurting feelings,” you are the customer and your doctors work for you. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted the time with a therapist I knew didn’t work for me BUT I thought I was going to be moving months ago and didn’t want to repeat my story yet again to a new therapist. I weighed my options. In retrospect, not the best decision, but I still made some progress.

Cheers to the next step. No fear.

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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