Homeschool, shmomeschool!

My mom homeschooled all five of my siblings for at least a few years. It came up regarding me a few times…I vividly remember threatening that I would move in with my dad if I was pulled out of public school 😆

I loved school. When I had my first daughter I swore she would go to public school. I did really well for myself coming out of public school—so that’s what they’re gonna get. Plus, I worked a million hours a week, so homeschooling was out, and couldn’t justify the extreme cost of private school in Okinawa or Arlington.

My how things change!!

I am homeschooling the girls for the upcoming school year. I NEVER had the intent to be the “homeschool mom.” I am so excited about it though!

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Our books for the year, minus some of the chapter books we will get from the library.

We’ve got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel once I’m released from active duty, so homeschooling just seems like the right thing to do. Plus, COVID and being in a new place without the military community that we’re used to having—homeschool should free us to do lots of networking, exploring, and establishing the new home/homestead.

I gave Emma a few test assignments this week to see how she responds and what she can do on her own. I swear she is a teenager trapped in a 7 yo body 😬 She loves to read and retains everything—but the laziness prevails…this is gonna be a challenge! Good thing I love challenges!!

“I hate this mom!” 😬 Well…we might have to change up how I assign stuff already. Goal is to keep her interested in learning.

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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