Plan to Plan; Road Trip to Road Trip

I took some leave last month and the girls and I did some traveling. Finally saw some friends and family that we’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Traffic on the East Coast continues to suck, so we ended up spending 30+ hours in the car over the 10 day trip.

Arlington, VA-Fire Island, NY-Newport, RI-Alliance, OH-Arlington, VA

I was going to fly to Louisiana in the next week or so, but the kids did so well I’ve decided that we might as well just drive there too. What’s another 30+ hours in the car at this point?

Arlington, VA-Knoxville, TN-Baton Rouge, LA-Little Rock, AR-Memphis, TN-Knoxville, TN-Arlington, VA

It’s prep for the 8,000 mile road trip around the USA I’m trying to take the girls on once I’m released from active duty. I’m just taking the Marine Corps’ adage of “plan to plan” to the obvious next level… “road trip to road trip.” Makes sense 🤷‍♀️

Not sure if this constitutes crazy or adventurous. I guess that’ll depend on the end state…

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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