Looking to the Future

I had a *feeling normal* moment Monday; went solo to Starbucks, took my coffee into Barnes&Noble, sat on the floor with a coffee and a book…it was fantastic!

I was able to sit right between two of my favorite book sections and dig in to some of my future endeavors. Gardening, farming, entrepreneurship, and homesteading.

I keep coming back to this…how in the hell am I going to make money farming?

  • I do not have a green thumb. Not even close.
  • I want to do SO MUCH STUFF, which does not easily lend itself to profit. Specialization is key!
  • I also have this semi-dormant desire to be super artsy (see above bullet).
  • I am moving to an area with an abundance of farmers and agricultural specialists (because of Cornell), so market saturation is likely.

I’m lucky that a majority of our family income should come from my retirement, plus the hubs works, but I have promised the family that I will at least make enough extra to support my expensive farmers market and coffee habits 🌽 🍅 ☕️

Where is my head for short-term (post-MBA) income?

  • Farmers market: Crafting (jewelry, canvas photos, wooden signs, soap, glass slumping…pretty much anything with high profit margin and low skill)
  • Farmers market: Produce-type stuff (mushrooms, husk cherries, cucamelons, fancy garlic, honey, flowers)
  • Etsy: See “FM: Crafting” above.
  • Blogging: Going back to specialization, thinking about keeping this blog as-is and potentially monetizing a specialized blog.
  • Farm stand: See “FM: Produce” above.
  • Cafe: It’ll happen, but it’s gonna take time.

I am pretty confident with my long-term goals, but this short-term piece is bustin my chops. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Looking to the Future

  1. About four or five years ago, a lady walked in my office. She had just bought a little farm and had all these ideas about growing produce, selling at the farmers market, etc. We have a lot people who come in who have read all the homesteading and gardening books, and think they can make a living farming, etc. Most quit after a few years, and I never hear from them again. But this lady was different. She was a Marine. Five years later she is one of the most-beloved farmers market vendors at our local market. The grit, determination, and sense of commaradie she developed as marine has translated well to the farmers market. Anyway, good luck. Also, maybe look into doing cut flowers and farm bouquets. We have a cut flower vendor who sells at our market. She sells out every week by 10:00 am. The great think about growing flowers is you don’t have to grow the fruit, just the flowers.

    1. Thanks for sharing! The Marine Corps is definitely good at developing grit 😆 I bought a centerpiece of flowers from our market for Easter and it was absolutely beautiful—I had never thought about growing flowers until then and it is definitely something I am now interested in.

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