My Girl is in Boy Scouts…

Today I took Emma to her first Cub Scout meeting. Not something I ever thought I’d say. I remember being a little older than her and in Girl Scouts and wanting to be a Boy Scout. I loved my troop, but the boys camped more, and hiked, and it seemed like they did cooler stuff, and all of my friends were boys anyways. seemed like it would have been a good fit 🤷‍♀️

Fast forward two decades or so and it’s pretty common to have girls in Boy Scouts. In fact, there is a local “all-girls” Boy Scout troop…who would have thought?

I reached out to a local Girl Scout troop, but they didn’t get back with me. Won’t lie, I’m ok with that. It seems like a lot of troops are still stuck in the 1950s “let’s teach our girls how to be good housewives” mode. I’d love to be a troop leader when we get settled though; maybe I can find or start a troop focused on developing self-sufficient, hard-working, confident young ladies.

The meetup was super cool—I was just as excited as Emma! We hung out in a community garden and learned about the garden, composting, bee keeping, and planting. And they did a scavenger hunt…and if you know me at all…you know I love ❤️ scavenger hunts!

And, to top it off, we rode our bikes to the garden and back. A nice five mile round trip bike ride. Totally opens up a new thing for me and Emma to do together. And other than running into a gate on the way home, she did great!!

More adventures await!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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