No Really…I’m Speaking

My girls and I stumbled on this awesome crocheted (yes, you read that correctly) banner of the VP with her popular “I’m speaking” quote from the VP debate.

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❤️ this in DC

Simple but profound.

I work in a very male dominated environment. I consider myself very fortunate to have been treated well and respected by (most) of my male counterparts. I attribute that mainly to the professionalism that Marine officers typically portray, and in part due to my own personality. Admittedly there are specific personality traits that are viewed very negatively in female Marines. It’s a fine-line to balance femininity, officership, and “Marineness.” I am sure that I have not always balanced this correctly.

One thing that I have noticed as a female, and have seen happen to a few other females, is the blatant rebranding of ideas or ignoring of statements. Most men don’t notice it, but the few that have noticed are genuinely surprised by the blatantness of it.

So what happens? Simple…we work on a project together—typically multiple males and me as the only female. I voice an idea that is immediately disregarded “no, that won’t work because…” The discussion goes on, and then one of the males restates the same idea I had, and everyone agrees.

Sometimes the male states the idea with different verbiage, in which case I can kind of understand that maybe they voiced it better? Sometimes though, the dude literally says THE EXACT SAME THING that I said. I’ve had guys turn to me and say “isn’t that exactly what you said?”


“Why yes Bob, it is.”

Occasionally I’ll whisper “that’s is what I said,” but usually I just ignore it and move on. It’s not worth pressing the matter—plus, that’s one of the traits that gets females black-listed and is definitely labeled as “whining.”

I’ve been in these situations as a subordinate, a peer, and a commander. As a male if this happened (which I have never seen), letting this happen would be looked at as a weakness. For a female…it’s just not the same.

Interesting thing to think about. I am looking forward to being in the civilian business world and seeing the dynamics. Maybe I can change the dynamic for myself and my girls. Maybe it is already different?

“I’m speaking”

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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