My First Boob Squish

I had my first boob squish today…you might know that as a mammogram. I recently stopped nursing Graycie and noticed some lumps shortly after. They didn’t change for a bit, so figured I should get checked out.

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Coffee for good feelz

Everything is good—no abnormalities on the boob squish or the follow-up ultrasound.

It was an interesting experience though. I have seen lots of different specialists over the last few months at two large military hospitals for various things, but this was the first specialty clinic that made a real effort to make the patrons (95%+ women) feel as comfortable as possible. The second waiting room was decorated, the nurses and staff were really personable, and they actually came and apologized for being behind in the schedule.

Admittedly I wasn’t nervous until I changed into the gown and sat with the other ladies waiting. I got a wave of anxiety when I sat down and saw everyone else. One had expressed how anxious she was when she checked in because she had already had breast cancer. I wanted to engage with her, but she distracted herself with her phone…that’s my go-to also when the nerves hit me.

I was able to talk to a few ladies in-between my squish and ultrasound. We had a great conversation about COVID precautions around the USA and then one about traveling around Europe—one lady was about my age, another considerable older. The older lady was very LOUD and I tried to figure out if she was nervous or if that was her natural voice. Neither of the two I spoke with seemed nervous, though they both wished me “good luck” when I went back again. Don’t know that I’ve ever been wished good luck at a doctor before…

Good luck!!

I did have a skin biopsy yesterday, so still waiting on those results. Almost done with all of my “catch-up” appointments that I scheduled. Biopsy results, wrist MRIs, and hopefully a medication change soon so we can reassess my awesome hand tremor and I should be done. Thankful that most referrals I’ve requested have shown nothing or minor things. I’m so close 😂 I am excited to be done driving to the hospital a few times a week, though I’m gonna miss my Starbucks visits (you can sit inside at one of them on the base!!).

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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