How do You Grow Your Love? (And Don’t Crop Dust Your Wife)

I was super excited when I found out I was pregnant with my second kiddo. I had just transferred to Expeditionary Warfare School in Quantico, VA—so I knew I’d have more down time than I was used to. There were kids all around our new house on base for Em to play with. And we were trying for number two (though admittedly I had kinda forgotten). It was a great time to be pregnant (if there is such a thing as an active duty Marine officer with a child).

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St Patrick’s Day parade with the family at 36 weeks pregnant

Of course then the pregnancy hit. I was super tired, plus this time I had a two year old I was chasing around. I had terrible varicose veins. I had aversions to food. My feet hurt. And my sense of smell was crazy intense…no joke. Chris came into the bathroom while I was doing my hair one morning and crop dusted (can it be considered crop dusting in a bathroom?). I legitimately threw up. It did get me out of an evening guest speaker lecture that I didn’t much care about…but I digress…

Even to this day if I hear my husband fart in another room I start to dry-heave, just based on the thought of the smell 😂 Not fun.

As my due date got close I started to have some serious fears, and the one that sticks out the most was simply: How do you grow your love?

I already had this two year old that I absolutely adored. I couldn’t imagine expanding my love to feel the same way for another child. I voiced this to my mom—mother to six—and she said something similar to “it just kinda happens.”

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Photo credit: Krissy Benda

And it did. And I am eternally grateful for this bundle of energy and joy. Usually my one-on-one time with G is focused on getting her to sleep or keeping her still on my lap so I can work while I watch her. The past week we’ve had a few outings and I continue to be amazed by her.

Silly. Witty. Inquisitive. Loving.

She has freckles on her nose and she still can’t use the “L” sound. She’s not where Em was at this age with ABCs or counting, but her determination is truly unmatched. It’s amazing.

Donut dance!!

So glad this kiddo is mine and that I get to love her ❤️

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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