I Pay for Chicken Practice?

Today was a monumental day in the Falcon household…the girls started soccer!!

G during warm ups

Now I should have read the fine print, because I thought my kids started playing soccer on a team today, but it turns out it’s just skills. So no teamwork.

And the parents are supposed to be involved—even with the older kids. So that was fun in jeans and boots while carrying a 4 year old on my back.

And the last 5 minutes of Emma’s hour was “free play” which just meant the most kids left and the coach started staring at his phone. That’s 1/12th of what I’m paying for, and nothing in NOVA is cheap. And there were at least 6 water breaks. It’s like 55 degrees outside…

And it’s right next to an awesome playground (like almost Okinawa worthy). So that’s all my kids wanted to do.

O…and the best part. G did great during her warm up. But then decided she was a chicken and the soccer ball was her egg. So that’s cool. Glad I get to pay for her to practice being a chicken. And it is also worth mentioning that I remember my first soccer game when I was a little older than G…I had just gotten back from my aunt’s wedding and the chicken dance was fresh in my mind. And I don’t think I did anything except the dance for the entire game…

Chicken G

She is definitely my child.

They listened to about 50% of what I said this afternoon, and in today’s world that’s passing, so we went and got really good ice cream after practice.

#nicecream #icecream #motherhood
Yummy nitrogen frozen ice cream!

And we will try again next week 🤷‍♀️

Love self. Love others. Love coffee.

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