Just be a Tool, it’s OK (sometimes)

I’ve been very conscious recently to not use “but” as much when referring to my kids. I think everyone does it…

“I love my kids…but…XYZ”

Instead, I say “and.”

“I love my kids AND they can be tools.”

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G is the best at showing her toolishness in her facial expressions 😂

True statement, but no need for a “but.” They happen simultaneously, the love and toolishness. It happens. It’s expected. I definitely handle it better than I used to, but it sure does make me question my parenting skills on so many levels. It also helps me hone my slapitating skills.

Chris and I both worked all day. The kids had canned chicken noodle soup for breakfast, cereal for lunch, and Pizza Hut for dinner (all at their request). They didn’t take off their PJs today. Nor did they go outside. They watched a lot of TV and played on their new tablet. I’d say today was destined to end with a well earned “Girls, I love you AND you’re being tools tonight.” I think I used the word “butts” but it means the same thing to the kiddos.

I can be a pretty legit tool sometimes too, though. I just hope they look at me and think “my mom is a big tool sometimes AND I love her.”

Something I’ll probably know for sure when they’re teenagers 😬

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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