The Pimples of my Eyes

Emma asked about the “pimples of my eyes” today 😂 Took me a minute to realize she meant “pupils.” She may not know what to call them, but she was able to tell me some pretty neat facts about eyes and pupils…she’s so smart! I had a medical appointment today that included somewhere around 22Continue reading “The Pimples of my Eyes”

4th First Day of 1st Grade

Yep…thanks to COVID, Emma has had four first days of First Grade. Makes up for no Kindergarten graduation 🤷‍♀️ #1-1st day online in Okinawa #2-1st in-person day in Okinawa #3-1st day online in VA (new school) #4-1st in-person day in VA What a weird year! Love others. Love self. Love coffee. #coffeewithasideofcowbell #coffeeandcowbell #motherhood #momblogContinue reading “4th First Day of 1st Grade”

I Have No Ducks to Give

Poetry from the heart How many ducks do I have to give?I tell younone.Zero.No more ducks.My pond once overfloweth with ducksbut alasthey’ve moved on.Or been shotby the arrogant, selfish, greedy hunters.I thought I needed ducksto giveto all.But alasI’ve moved on.Happier.Healthier.How many ducks do I have to give?I tell younone.Zero.No more ducks.-Danielle Falcon Love others. LoveContinue reading “I Have No Ducks to Give”

Monday Music #1: Punky Nostalgia

“The truth, is you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize, for bleeding on your shirt.” Going back to high school with this one. Always good to throw it on the speaker every so often. Not my favorite song of theirs, but one of the most catchy lines inContinue reading “Monday Music #1: Punky Nostalgia”