Travel Log: Iejima, Okinawa, Japan

One thing I didn’t do as much of as I would have liked while living in Okinawa was visit the smaller Okinawa Prefecture islands. 2020 was the year!! But then…COVID restricted us to big Oki until our move back to the USA and we missed our chance.

For Chris’ 40th birthday in May 2019 we took a ferry trip over to Ie Island, just a few miles from Nago. We had a great trip and some of the views from the island’s mountain are some of my favorite views ever.

We stayed at the YYY Resort—which is normally way outside of our travel price range, but they had a sweet military deal through the base ITT. We had a gigantic place (especially for Japan) and the beach was only a short walk away.

The food was yummy at the resort…as to be expected anywhere in Japan.

On our last morning Chris took Emma on a short fishing trip and I rented a bike and helmets for me and G. Riding a bike with the kiddos on the back had always been something I wanted to do, but fore this trip I had never done it. I had so much fun! We road around town and found a nice little cafe and then an awesome playground.

When we checked out we had the resort call a cab to come pick us up and give us a tour of the island. The island is less than 9 square miles, but carries a ton of history and character. The driver spoke almost no English and our we speak almost no Japanese, so there was a lot of fun charades and laughing 😂

The map our taxi driver had for us to look at

He brought us to some of the WWII sites, the lily fields, Mt. Gusuku, and to some of the lookout points. We were there at the tail-end of the lily festival, but even so there were a ton of beautiful lilies for us to see. We had no car seats, which would usually be a no-go, but on an island with few roads and less than 5,000 inhabitants (many of whom don’t have cars), I was ok with it.

The views from the mountain were amazing! I love the farm fields and the views of the main island.

Ie Island carries interesting history and is full of amazingly friendly people, just like Okinawa. It was a great experience, and if you have a day or two and are in Okinawa, might as well stop by!


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