The Traveling Boobs #3: Flying

Graycie will be four in just a few days! She has quite the travel experience so far…and since we haven’t flown since she stopped nursing a few weeks ago, all of her flying was as a nursing child. Nursing made life MUCH easier for me while traveling because if she’s was going nuts I could just whip out a boob…

One of her many many flights

As far as I remember, this is Graycie’s airplane experience (minus domestic layovers):

DC-Orlando-DC-El Paso-Memphis-DC…BWI-Seattle-Japan-Okinawa-Japan-Okinawa-Korea-Okinawa-Japan-NOLA-Orlando-NOLA-Japan-Okinawa-Japan-Okinawa-Japan-Denver-Japan-Okinawa-Taiwan-Okinawa-Japan-Seattle-BWI

It’s roughly 50,000miles of flying 😳 And to think we weren’t even able to vacation at all this past year…

Flying over the Pacific

I’ve never been mentally or emotionally uncomfortable nursing on a plane, just physically uncomfortable. It’s rough trying to squeeze into a seat with a toddler on the boob while wrangling a preschooler and trying not to flash everyone, especially on looong flights. I couldn’t imagine traveling with a young child any other way though.

My anxiety is pretty nuts on a plane too. I used to love to fly, but seeing the aftermath of an aircraft crash on a deployment plus the natural fear that grows as you get older has made it something I dread. Nursing gave me a little shot of oxytocin, which made flying more bearable. Flying without Graycie meant wine…which I hate…but helped the anxiety a bit.

I do have an awesome plan to tie my kids to me with my sweatshirt and use my pants as a parachute if we ever get into a bind 😂 It’s legit!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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