Slap Party for All!

You ever just want to slap someone? I know I’m not a the only person who feels that way more often than not.

If you know, you know

As a Marine, I can tell you that we are actually not a service full of crayon-eating-body-building-dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks meat heads…but there are definitely a few. And they tend to work in billets that require frequent interaction with others.

These guys are on my slap party list.


Parking enforcement cops

Siblings (on occasion)

My children (can I say that? Safe place right?)

Car salesmen

Certain hospital receptionists


My dad



Mental health shamers

The guy who honks his horn every morning at 0530

Selfish pricks

Not sure if thinking about slapping these people equates to meditating, but I’m sure it’s beneficial to my mental health and psyche. I’m going to call this new combination “slap-tating.”

G slap-tating in the sun

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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