Rainbows, Unicorns, and Motherhood #3

One of my “things” is vacationing. I love to travel, vacation, and staycation.

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Pretty find during our mountain trip.

My kids have stayed in more hotels than most adults. Some of that is because of my work, some of that is because we enjoy vacationing. Sometimes you really just need a change of scenery to decompress.

Except when you mix my anxiety and up-tightness with two children…then vacationing usually turns into a shit show. I want it to be fun and memorable for me and my kids but it ends up miserable and memorable (but bad memorable). Yelling and frustration and annoyance.

How I felt during our past vacations

I think I’ve finally turned the tide with this.

The goal is to not need a vacation from the vacation…

The girls and I had a great vacation this weekend. We met with my sister and her amazing dog in the mountains. There was a lot of laughing and very little voice raising. We spent a ton of time outside and away from screens (though we did watch TV at night together). We ate snacks and did art work. We had treats often. We hiked and took pictures. There was definitely some complaining, but it was expected complaining.

Emma…hiking… “just take little steps”

That’s right…expected. I managed my expectations. I knew my kids would complain when we hiked but I wanted to hike. So I expected they would complain and didn’t flip my lid when they did.

I also said “yes” a lot.

“Can we go outside?” “Can we have a snack?” “Can we paint?” “Can we snuggle?” “Can we climb on the rocks?”



And finally, I spent a lot of time trying to really be present with the kiddos. I’ll admit that is way easier when there is no wifi; and thankfully the wifi didn’t reach the cabin.

Vacationing tips:

1) Manage expectations

2) Say “yes” more

3) Be present

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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    1. There is a special kind of anxiety that comes with traveling 😂 I’ve definitely gotten better…but it’s real. It used to take me DAYS to pack because I would unpack and repack repeatedly. I backed off of that thankfully.

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