The Traveling Boobs #2: Beaches

I wasn’t a huge fan of the beach until living in Okinawa for a few years. I spent more time on the beach my last year in Okinawa than I had my entire lifetime prior.

Beach with baby  #okinawa #beach #motherhood

With kids there are new challenges to going to the beach. Mainly sand…in cracks…butt cracks, front cracks, shoe cracks, car cracks. Sand EVERYWHERE. That overwhelmed the joy in beach-going my first two years in Oki.

Sandy Haiku
Beautiful beaches
Sand in every crack, butts too
Is the joy worth it?

I was very comfortable nursing on the beach and I enjoyed many a beautiful beach scene while feeding Graycie.

I quickly learned to not be embarrassed by public nursing with my first. I went from being super conservative to not a care in the world when it came to my boobs. Kids need to eat. I need to stay sane. Boobs are the answer—let them be free!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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