Morning Time is for Mommy…Or Not…

Me time!

Between 70+ hour work weeks, two lovely (but young) children, the hubs, and working out; “me time” was nearly impossible for many years. In recent months, “me time” has been something I have been forced to prioritize—and thankfully, a change in my pace of life has allowed this to work out.

I used to feel anxious and guilty for getting away by myself. Quick run to the coffee shop? Immediate anxiety about the kids and guilt about being away from them so often for work and now choosing to be away for additional time. I could not fathom how “me time” could be beneficial for me or my family.

I see it now!

If you aren’t taking time for yourself a few times a week, you need to. Working out of the home or not, being a parent is A FULL TIME JOB. And getting out isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the whole house. It’s good for your kids to see you taking care of yourself. It’s good for you to come home feeling recharged.

I still am terrible at scheduling “me time” and ensuring it provides the recharge that I need. But I know I need it and remembering that it doesn’t have to be a grand trip to a cabin for a week or even a drive to the coffee shop is important. It can simply be a bath or a few minutes reading in bed before everyone else comes up.

Earlier this week I got up a little earlier than normal to take a shower then a bath for a bit. But my bath relaxation was cut very short and my view of the off-white tub wall was quickly animated…

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Bath visitors

Couldn’t think of a better reason for it to have been shortened though!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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