Rainbows, Unicorns, and Motherhood #2

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Graycie’s morning hair 😂

This kiddo is so much fun. But with fun, comes wild…and not “she’s just a three year old” wild…like, “I’m pretty sure she’s actually the child of a werewolf and squirrel” wild. She moves non-stop, she’s really LOUD, she throws epic fits (complete with exorcist-style screaming and leg bending), she’s crazy strong, she rarely listens, she chews through coax cables, and she climbs everything.

She’s also intensely empathetic, caring, hilarious, silly, smart, and intuitive.

All that to say, she was seconds away from throwing her werewolf-meets-exorcist fits yesterday morning at bath time. She normally loves the bath, but this was the day she wanted to exert her dominance…and my anxiety was high and “give a duck” level was low. What to do?

Mom Tip

This is where the subtle art of compromise comes in (I believe this is closely related to the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F$@&).

What really needs to be washed with a three year old that hasn’t been playing outside a lot because it’s cold?

The butt.

It’s gross.

So I put her in the tub with her shirt still on, washed her butt, and got her out.

No screaming, a little giggling, and a clean butt! No skin off my back either.

Not ideal, and not something that’s gonna be done often, but it’s ok occasionally.

Compromise! It makes motherhood easier.

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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