The Pimples of my Eyes

Emma asked about the “pimples of my eyes” today 😂 Took me a minute to realize she meant “pupils.” She may not know what to call them, but she was able to tell me some pretty neat facts about eyes and pupils…she’s so smart!

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Painting kiddos

I had a medical appointment today that included somewhere around 22 x-rays. When do I start to glow? That would totally be worth it!

Finished up my looong appointment and decided to live dangerously and go eat IN A RESTAURANT. What!? It was glorious! I had some delish sushi…and had to stop myself multiple times from using my terrible Japanese…and then grabbed some Starbucks and a donut from Duck Donuts 🍩 (yum!). Not sure I’ve ever enjoyed anxiety eating that much before!

How weird is it that eating inside a restaurant, riding in an elevator, going to a doctor’s office, and going to the grocery store have been high-stress events for nearly a year now? Such a weird year!

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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