I Call My Migraine “Karen”

I get migraines. I hate the word “Migraine” so I’ve decided to go with “Karen.” No offense to any Karen’s out there, but it just fits the times

If you’ve never had a Karen in your life, consider yourself lucky. I’m fortunate she doesn’t come around too often, but even just once is enough.

Karen is a total asshole. Debilitating and undiscriminating in her fury. She’s made me think I was dying. She’s distorted my vision and made me unable to read or see clearly (talk about scary). She’s stolen precious time from me with my kids. I have other words for Karen, but I’ll just leave it at “asshole” and let your imagination fill in the rest.

Yesterday’s Karen visited mid-day—I went to bed around 6pm last night because I couldn’t fight her any longer and got out of bed around 12pm today. It’s over 24 hours later and I’m still trying to recover from Karen. I feel much better than I did and am able to be around light and noise a bit now, but not enough to last with the kiddos more than a few hours today. Too much noise.

Why is everything so LOUD!!

We’re free from quarantine tomorrow! I need Karen to get the F out of my head so I can walk to the coffee shop and go to the farmers market tomorrow. 🤞

Love others. Love self. Love coffee.

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