Quarantine ‘Cano

We’ve been in quarantine for 293 hours…so we made a volcano!

The kiddos have been begging to do this since Emma got it as a present for Christmas. I may or may not have hidden it (along with a few other presents) since we got a lot of stuff for Christmas this year from family. We’re super grateful for gifts—the kids love opening presents and I love watching them—and being back in the states made it easier to get Christmas boxes. I usually put some stuff away after holidays for us to pull out on a rainy day. Or in this case, 290 hours into our 14 day quarantine.

Volcanos (or “Cane-O” as G calls them) are never as cool as I expect they’ll be. I fall for it every time too—“Emma this is going to be so COOL!!” But it’s not. The vinegar and baking soda fizzles a bit but never explode like the packages say. I get disappointed, but the kids love it…and I definitely love watching them. And it kept them entertained for a little bit without screaming or screens, so that’s always a win.

Making a ‘Cane-O

It’s science…

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