Spoonfuls of Chocolate

I will never be at a loss for stories as long as my kiddos are nearby.

Earlier this evening Chris and I sat down to watch a show together for the first time in months. About 30min in our oldest starting yelling for me to check on the youngest…who was in the bathroom shoving her mouth with spoonfuls of Ovaltine and trying her best to transform herself into Post Malone Junior.

Coffee with a side of cowbell. Spoonfuls of chocolate. Graycie Post Malone JR
G as Post Malone Jr

I hope all parents get a chance to experience “face tattoos” at least once. I swear we see them at least once a week. I didn’t even try for a normal bedtime; the sugar high was quick and powerful and she bounced off the walls for a bit. Luckily she fell asleep right before 10pm (thank you Calm App) and most of her tattoos came off. Parenting win?

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