Farts are Just Your Hunger to Poop!

My kids have THE BEST quotes. Seven and three are great ages for word antics. The oldest usually knows she’s being silly; the youngest usually has no idea. Together it’s a great combination. Here are some of my favorites from the past few years. I’ve given context for a few of them…and I’ve saved a few quotes for later…

“Farts are just your hunger to poop!”
“What do you call your foot-wrist?” (It’s an ankle kiddo)
“I’m going to change my name to Sapphire…or Seastack…”
“Hi mom! I love your boobies!” (Normal discussion when you nurse FOREVER)
“Dad, if you shaved [your beard] you’d look more like a girl…with less hair…”
“I just farted! Guess if I farted with my hand or my butt!”
“It’s like a bunch of big rabbit turds!” (yelled in a busy mall bathroom in Okinawa)
“My poop smells like avocado!” (yelled in a busy pool locker room)
“I bet you thought I was going to fart on you…well I am…but not until later.”
“Don’t swim in that one…I just pee’d in that tide pool!”
“Rock, paper, scissors, shoe!” (I love this so I don’t correct it)
“I’m four now! My voice changed!”
“My friend used an ‘s-word’ today…he said ‘what the heck!’”

But then there are those quotes that are funny the first few times, but now I’d be happy to never hear again…

“I need someone to come watch me pee!” (EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.)
“Come wipe my butt!”
“Mom!! I pooped!”
“Smell my fingers…”
“I only eat boogers cause they taste good.”
“Wow mom! You have a big butt! It’s so humongous!”
“I need a snack!”
“I’m not tired.”
“Can I have milkoos?” (aka “can I nurse”)

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Always silly

It’s amazing how many of those have to do with farts, butts, or poop. Boy moms—I can assure you it’s not just the little dudes! But then again, when I think about the quotes that have left me rolling in laughter at work or with my husband, they often deal with farts, butts, or poop…some things never change!

What are your favorite quotes from your little ones?

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4 thoughts on “Farts are Just Your Hunger to Poop!

  1. My grandson always asks me why I have no hair. (I do have some, but not much.) And we live in a bungalow, but he cannot work out why we have no stairs.
    many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, pete.

      1. Haha kids are so logical! I always think my daughter says the funniest things and then I reflect back and think I’ve never heard truer words LOL

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